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First-thousanders Buda district Koshelevo
Honoring the first combine, harvested 1,000 tons of grain.
«Аsоbiна» in Minsk
The Belorusneft-Osobino enterprise opened the Asobina shop first in Minsk a tasty ptushka».


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Poultry production on an industrial scale are already involved in about 30 years. At each stage of the process is quality control, which is key to consumers' health.

Own bakery producing all kind of feed stuff for poultry complete and balanced nutrition that are based on corn grown in ecologically clean areas of the country.

The company has a hatchery with capacity of 24 million eggs per year, which allows you to continuously all year to get thousands of daily installment of young animals, thus providing a stream-cycle production of broiler meat.

The enterprise operates department for deep processing of poultry meat a capacity of 5 tons per shift. Meats, sausages, sausages, smoked trademark Asobina "different natural flavor, made only from chilled meat, which allows to keep the product key minerals and nutrients necessary for human organism.



  Sales department: тел./факс +375 (2336) 40-576, 40-516; тел. 40-930, 40-342

e-mail: A.

  Supply department:   тел.: 8 (02336) 40-338





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